Jackson Reef is the most northern reef in the Strait of Tiran. On the northern edge of the reef, the wreck of a grounded freighter stands as a warning to shipping in the buy straits. Most of its hull has been salvaged for scrap, leaving only a skeletal hulk. A fixed mooring exits at the southern end of the reef. Dives begin from this point and proceed generally northward along the east side of the reef.

Current tends to run from the north, and generally picks up strength as you approach the point on the east side. Most divers will want to make this the northern limit of their dive, and turn back to the south here. Strong swimmers with good air consumption and experience in currents can round the point, after which the current slackens, and continue their dive along the reef's north edge. This should only be done by prior arrangement with your dive guide, and great care should be taken, since divers have been swept off the reef here.